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in baguio right now, where ang daming tao talaga and di naman talaga ganon kalamig. pero i guess the temperature is at least slightly better than sa manila. at least. have been here since around saturday lunch time, pero no one really wanted to go anywhere nung weekend.

kulit ni kulas though, gusto daw mamasyal si pol so we went out earlier although hanggang sm lang kami umabot. ang daming tao, open air my ass — mainit pa din. next time na yung ibang pwedeng pasyalan kahit na sukang suka na kami ni leah sa mga yun and i'd really much rather stay home kasi mas malamig pa dun :D, aayos na lang kami ng proper itinerary siguro.

and i missed my sister, sobra. i didn't even realise how much until i got here, haha.
Tags: it always gets better, trip: baguio
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