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i just remembered, last year's birthday was spent in baguio with my sister and my mother, tas day after sumunod si dad. i don't know why the hell i'm thinking about my birthday this early on eh ang tagal pa naman. probably atat lang talaga ko mag-vacation na. this week is the closest to a hell week i'm getting this sem (at least i hope so), i have 3 papers (2 of which are done, at least, yay), 2 exams and the college performance thing on friday (invited whoever wants to come i guess). after this halos good as done ang sem, even though finals week isn't officially until around the 27th.

anyway, bakit nga ba ko gising pa. tomorrow might be a monday, pero i have to be at school anyway for rehearsals. tapos i promised drea i'll pick her up early para makapag-breakfast kami before going to school. oops oops, sana magising ako, haha.

... hay. :|
Tags: homelife, pictures, schoolshit, summer is the best time of year?, trip: baguio
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